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Point Cardinal celebrates its 2nd anniversary!

Nearly two years ago, I decided to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial adventure: helping companies and organizations improve their governance and strategy, while also enabling them to see further. It was important for me to make a difference and work with a team that was just as passionate as me and shared the values of generosity, boldness, and curiosity. Together, our mission is to support companies in their growth through our four main areas of focus: governance, strategy, innovation, and ESG (environment, society, and governance).

I am proud of all the work we have accomplished so far. My team and I feel privileged to have contributed to the success of many companies by helping them achieve their goals, adapt to market challenges, and innovate in their sector. What I value most are the wonderful encounters we have had with amazing, resilient, motivated, and equally passionate people! Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to continuing this adventure with you!

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