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New money for incubators and accelerators in the life sciences sector, a grant to Mitacs to support internships in innovation…we can say that good news is flowing for the field of innovation in Quebec ! Should all this financial assistance help entrepreneurs to innovate more? We hope so! But when we know that, according to the 2022 survey on innovation in Quebec, only 51% of Quebec companies have carried out innovation projects in the last year, compared to 56% for Ontario and 60% for British Colombia, we are entitled to ask ourselves: how can we improve things other than with funding?


The problem

As surprising as it may seem, today, entrepreneurs who want to start innovation projects have a lot of resources. Indeed, there are a variety of actors, programs and funding to which they have access as well as external resources to guide them. The Conseil de l’innovation du Québec also has advisors equipped to help entrepreneurs finding the right expertise and financing for their innovation projects. Contacting your regional county can be an excellent way to start your project and of course the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE) is full of programs to stimulate innovation, including the one to finance the hiring of a person responsible for internal innovation. All these means are good for stimulating innovation in organizations. But is it enough? Is this what companies need: to be guided? Or do they need someone to take actions?


A possible solution

Our expert advisor in innovation, Anne-Marie Larose, has investigated the matter. Her extensive experience in innovation has provided her with other possible solutions.

According to Anne-Marie, what is needed above all is a resourceful person who acts within the company itself, who knows the best practices, who is agile, who has a good understanding of innovation and has a lot of experience in the field and that inspires confidence. In other words, titles are not enough, you must act competently.

The company can be guided to a lot of resources and programs, but there are so many that it is easy to get lost. They don’t always know what questions to ask, where to start, who to contact, what to say. For the company to really decide to get started, it needs personalized internal support.


The budgets deployed in companies for innovation can vary and do not always allow for someone to work full time. This is why a more personalized approach such as hiring a director on demand is a realistic and profitable solution.

In addition to having great expertise in innovation, this person can set up structures, support the CEO of the company or the innovation committee already in place. This is precisely the case of Anne-Marie with the company Sunphinx. Her role is to act as director of innovation to set up a structure and operationalize the cybersecurity innovation projects.

I act like I’m part of their team. I know how to ask the right questions that are relevant to the reality of the business, and I know how to get as much financial leverage as possible. It saves time and money, and it makes the innovation projects happen.

This Director on Demand solution allows innovative projects to move forward, both in the short term and in the long term. This person not only disseminates his experience and expertise within the organization but can also teach the good practices to the permanent team. It’s an option to consider!

For more information on this service, do not hesitate to contact Anne-Marie!