Are you equipped to deal with a crisis?

Does your board create value for your organization?

Do you still have the right people around the table?

Sound governance is fundamental to any organization. Whether you have a management committee, an advisory committee, or a board of directors, your organization must create value for your various stakeholders.

A personalized approach for agile and adaptable governance tailored to your reality

At Point Cardinal, we believe that implementing healthy governance practices is a real growth lever. In addition to allowing you to better manage the achievement of your objectives, governance helps increase your productivity. Here are some elements that Point Cardinal can help you with:

Examples of realistic and customized deliverables: 

Recommendations following a governance diagnosis.
General regulations (redesigned or revised).
Committee charters.
Skills matrix.
Code of ethics.
Policies (conflict of interest, equity, diversity and inclusion, etc.).
Evaluation of the contribution of directors, the board, and committees.
Evaluation of the contribution of the general management.
A wide range of governance training for board members.
Executive coaching (individual and collective).
Annual work plan.
Committee establishment (governance, audit, advisory, etc.).
Document templates such as agenda, resolution, minutes.
Operating rules (AGM, etc.).
Succession plan.
Risk management plan.